Letters to the Editor

Courageous position

Applying Mr. Jim Duenow’s directive (“Do your job, Sheriff”) across-the-board means we should start with the president, work our way down to the U.S. attorney general, his deputy attorneys and the many employees of the Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco and Firearms for failing to enforce the existing gun control laws.

Oh wait, they were too busy running a sting operation that got out of hand and wound up with a border patrol agent getting killed (Operation Fast and Furious).

Does this only apply to gun control laws, or should we apply this to immigration laws also? If that is the case, deputies need to start arresting illegal immigrants as they come across them.

Applying the law with discretion allows the motor cop who pulled you over for speeding to give you a warning instead of automatically writing the citation. It also allows the officer investigating a crime to ignore the status of the undocumented worker who was assaulted and robbed. I support Sheriff Parkinson’s position and his courage in announcing it.