Letters to the Editor

Civilized behavior

I was so appalled at the last paragraph in a recent story that I had to write. The article is brief and discusses the construction work going on in Los Osos, and how it is causing problems but is temporary and necessary.

It is temporary and necessary to the growth and development of Los Osos, whether or not some see it as a problem or something they never wanted — it is still happening! I am completely embarrassed that some people have chosen to act like infantile brats who are inconvenienced by others and lash out viciously. It was beyond my comprehension that people would cuss, flip off and even spit on workers who are merely doing their job. These people are mothers, fathers, community members and when they get up for work in the morning it is sad that they have to prepare themselves for such fiendish behavior while they are doing their job.

My front yard area has held piles of dirt and work trucks that need storing, and when I drive by I wave hello and they wave back. It is called a civilized society, people!