Letters to the Editor

Red-flag statements

Supervisor Bruce Gibson said he and his colleagues “need to have a conversation among ourselves as to the proper proportion of public comment. We spent over an hour today, when we have a day with a very full agenda.” Also, “we need a conversation about what we consider relevant” and “repetitious comment.” He gets to decide what’s relevant to the public?

Those statements should be a red flag for the average citizen. I don’t know if all of the supervisors agree with Gibson, but they would be well advised to speak with County Counsel before they try to go in this direction.

Supervisor Gibson was the one who went public with his affair, moved his mistress from his office, then brazenly brought her back. There are many questions about this controversy, and until the supervisors answer them, it’s the public’s right and duty to keep asking. I spoke with an HR person from a very large company who was appalled at the mishandling of this situation.

Supervisor Frank Mecham took time to say the board had a lengthy agenda and really didn’t have time to hear us. The board adjourned around 5:15 p.m. on Tuesday. Rough day at the office?