Letters to the Editor

Get back on track

OK, so recent news about Dennis Rodman and North Korea’s Kim Jong Un is treated as an “odd ambassador” situation.

Hmm ... does anyone remember the vitriol poured on Jane Fonda for a similar situation years ago? Or have we “advanced” so far into liberalism that we do not see the ridiculous assumption that Mr. Rodman is helping our country as just what it is — ridiculous and a slap in the face to all who value freedom and the rights thereof?

To me this just illustrates, again, that we as a country need to get back on track, valuing God, our families, our friends and the country — not treating our enemies (and make no mistake, Kim Jong Un is our enemy) — with caution and certainly not with the kind of “friendliness” that smacks of either fear or ignorance... and perhaps in Mr. Rodman’s case we must ascribe it to the latter for even his presence over there indicates he either has no fear or is too uninformed to acknowledge it.

Come on, Americans. Wake up and take back the country we love.