Letters to the Editor

Fight back now!

Finally! Thank you for recognizing that this area has become a national nuclear sacrifice zone.

I worked for a western governor in the 1980s and ’90s as we searched for solutions to the storage of so-called spent nuclear fuel rods. It was a major issue at all meetings of the Western Governors Association as well as the National Governors Association. It was universally agreed that a centralized geologic waste repository was absolutely necessary to ensure public safety.

As long as leaders across the country needed to be worried and engaged because those fuel rods might be traveling through their states on the way to long-term underground burial, we had a national interest in nuclear safety. When it became obvious years ago that there would never be such a permanent site, what was once thought of as totally unsafe and unacceptable is now only whispered about by regulatory bodies who don’t want to face an uncomfortable reality.

Unless we fight back now, we will always be a national sacrifice zone. Nobody else will do this for us.