Letters to the Editor

GMO corn

Thank you for the Feb. 24 article, “Faith in the farmers: What can go wrong at the farmers market? Hard to tell.” The article talks about vendors selling produce that they didn’t grow. However, there is another problem that your reporter missed. I hope The Tribune will do a follow-up story on the sale of GMO corn at San Luis Obispo farmers markets, asking this question: How many host growers are selling GMO corn?

GMO corn is supermarket food and should not be allowed at any farmers market. The fact that this may be happening undermines the credibility of all farmers markets. The vast majority of vendors deserve our support. So do the markets that don’t allow GMO corn. The farmers markets that have been allowing the sale of GMO corn need to remove the GMOs to regain the public’s trust.

If you think GMOs are inappropriate at farmers markets, please call market manager Peter Jankay at 544-9570.