Letters to the Editor

End the rants

The Tribune and Board of Supervisors Chairman Paul Teixeira are absolutely right. The public comment period at our board meetings has devolved into a disrespectful mess.

While the calumny spurred by one supervisor’s actions may be understandable, the verbal torches and pitchforks foisted at the outset of every meeting are not just hurting the object of their wrath, they are hurting the entire board, the county’s business, and the public comment period itself — not to mention the people who are making them.

For years, the public comment period has represented an opportunity for elected officials to hear the legitimate concerns of those they represent. While often used by those who enjoy the sound of their own voice, it is an almost sacred part of every local government agenda. To those abusing this period, please stop. Enough already. Increasing the misery index of everyone who attends the board meetings does not serve you or them well. There are other recourses you can pursue without disrupting where we should be going in this county.

To quote Paul McCartney, “let it be” and let’s save the public comment period. Let’s end the rant and get back to the governance of our county with decorum, respect and civility.