Letters to the Editor

Govern locally

Dr. Benjamin Carson makes good sense for the recovery of our nation when he asserts that that the American people can be trusted to govern themselves “locally,” by taking care of local government business with their local revenue.

I hope the country will tune in to this man. He is talking our language. If our president listens to Dr. Carson and acts accordingly, we may be able to pull through the financial crisis we are in today. We are borrowing money to support the government that gave our jobs away, and a Congress that said “build affordable housing,” when there is no such thing.

If I were placed in any public office, I would do what I could to re-establish local authority to our SLO County. I would try to reform the judicial system and get the city and county to work together.

We have 58 counties in California. Each one has different business problems, and we have one agency of the state to take care of all the business. It’s like a hotel with 58 bedrooms and one bathroom . This is no joke.

If I were elected to city council, I would try to reestablish the ecosystem and restore Laguna Lake. I have presented a plan to restore the lake. I would like some feed back on this issue.