Letters to the Editor

Sequestration is bad

As I read the letter about sequestration from Mr. Jim Vint of Nipomo titled “Let it happen” in the Feb. 27 Tribune, I was amused but not surprised by Mr. Vint’s partisanship.

He claims that our president is incompetent, and I cannot help wondering how many times he wrote a letter to the editor claiming that George W. Bush was incompetent. He probably thinks that our previous president walked on water.

In addition Mr. Vint claims that we have totally incompetent executive and legislative branches. I will remind Mr. Vint that during most of the eight years of the George W. Bush administration, we had a Republican-controlled Congress that approved everything the president wanted to do, which left the country in a royal mess by the end of 2008. It takes a politically independent mind to see that.

I could go on, but I will end by making two points:

1. Republicans cannot govern and are only interested in power.

2. Sequestration is a bad idea, socially, morally and economically.