Letters to the Editor

What really matters

Farmers markets, piano on the bluff, private lives... it’s all too much of something I can’t quite put my finger on. The wrong and right of human behavior? The inability to identify what matters?

Farmers market regulations are on the dire side. Who knew that an apple from the wrong tree could be thrown out of paradise? But no regulation on wood smoke, which smothers all the apples and apple eaters?

Meanwhile, in Half Moon Bay, a baby grand piano has been delighting strollers on the bluff with sunset concerts, but “it didn’t take long for reality to intrude,” according to the L.A. Times. “Unauthorized encroachment” said code enforcement. Need a permit. No permits are required for chimineas. Uneasy triumph of wrong.

A public figure should be accountable for public work. Supervisor Gibson is exemplary in that regard. The witch hunt that has taken wing and stormed his private life should be redirected toward those public employees who are too lazy or cowardly to do anything for the public good.

We ignore what really matters.