Letters to the Editor

Someone to blame

Here we go again. Only three months after avoiding the fiscal cliff, we are staring at the precipice again.

While Republicans were much to blame for the first one, the second one is all Obama’s. He agreed to the sequester compromise back in 2011. Now, after getting Republicans to give him a tax increase at the end of last year, he wants another one, and he has done nothing to come up with an alternative plan to cut only two percent out of runaway government spending. Instead, he is resorting to fearmongering at the costs and consequences of the sequester he agreed to. Enough already!

While he may have seized the bully pulpit last November, his hubris is getting the better of him — not to mention us taxpayers. I don’t want to see it happen, but if Obama wants to find somebody to blame for what might come out of this if his sequester goes through, he only needs to look in the mirror.