Letters to the Editor

A Christ-like Church

Your Feb. 17 political cartoon says it all. With 1.2 billion Catholics in the world, more than half women, from which 70 percent attend and participate in the running of the Catholic dioceses in the world, one would think women would be able to be priests, too, and even pope.

With the caption of the nun praying, “Maybe one (pope) from the 21st century?” I would say, stands the chance of a snowball in hell.

In April 1976, the Pontifical Biblical Commission concluded unanimously: “It does not seem that the New Testament by itself alone will permit us to settle in a clear way and once and for all the problem of the possible accession of women to the presbyterate.”

Jesus never discriminated against anyone. Women during Christ’s time were severely ostracized, yet he reached out to women and included them in his entourage. One of his closest apostles and advisers was Mary Magdalene.

Christ never discriminated, as does the Catholic Church. That said, let us all pray with the nun for a more Christ-like Church.