Letters to the Editor

Can the sideshow

Bob Cuddy is way off base in his Feb. 24 column on public reaction to “the Gibson Affair.” Rather than address the real issue, he attacks two other supervisors (who, one suspects, he disagrees with politically) as the cause of vitriolic public comment.

If Supervisor Gibson worked anywhere else, he would be fired for subjecting his employer to a lawsuit for sexual harassment and violating workplace rules. The woman with whom he has engaged in an affair is equally at fault.

That the public is appalled is not surprising .

If, however, the nature of public comment violates rules of civility and is threatening, that is a separate issue to be dealt with under common rules of order and procedure. Free speech rights are not absolute. It is the board chairperson’s duty to enforce decorum at meetings, and he or she should do so, but for Mr. Cuddy to lay responsibility for vitriol and hostility at the feet of supervisors Arnold and Mecham is ridiculous. Put it where it belongs, with Mr. Gibson and his mistress.

Is it too much to ask in these perilous times for our elected officials to just do their jobs professionally and responsibly, without this sideshow?