Letters to the Editor

Forced to get ‘protection’

The Feb. 7 letter by Monica Becker was right on the mark. The strong arm of the state Legislature on behalf of Cal Fire is outrageous.

The money-grubbing proof of this tactic is as follows:

1. Our neighborhood areas have never required the prevention/extinguishing services of Cal Fire, according to the records and 80-year-old native residents.

2. Our low fire rate neighborhood homes have high-pressure fire hydrants spaced about every four to five homes. We don’t live in or near “Sherwood Forest” environments, nor have we ever needed high-tech water drops.

Many of our neighbors were not served with the “pay-up-or-else” notices.

3. Many of us feel that this fire protection tax is somewhat like the old ’30s mob movies, in which people were forced to buy “protection” whether they wanted, needed or could afford it.

Our fire department is staffed by some of the finest firefighters in the state. If the present area of responsibility does not fit the needs of its citizens, the Legislature should ask that the tables of organization be amended without threatening us with “fire prevention/protection” we didn’t ask for, see the need for, or are willing to afford.