Letters to the Editor

Hold up on Eagle Ranch

The city of Atascadero is considering moving forward with the Eagle Ranch environmental impact report process.

The Eagle Ranch project consists of 587 residential units, hotels, equestrian centers, a commercial area, conference center and more. All of these will generate a significant increase in traffic and have a major impact on Atascadero living.

But there are two recent projects that have called into question the city’s ability to handle large projects in a fair manner.

The first project is the Oak Ridge Estates development, 107 homes on the westside of Atascadero, where a civilian complaint has been filed with the county grand jury. The second is the recently approved Walmart project. A lawsuit has been filed questioning whether the mitigation measures proposed by the city adequately addressed the problems identified in the impact report.

It would be in the best interest of the people of Atascadero if the City Council puts a hold on the Eagle Ranch project until the two outstanding questions are resolved. It would also be in the best interest of the city to have these issues resolved before proceeding with the Eagle Ranch project. If the city is found to have acted properly, it can move forward without any questions about its ability to act fairly and with the best interest of the people of Atascadero in the forefront.