Letters to the Editor

European taxes

In his recent column, David Brooks expressed dismay at our lack of spending on research, suggesting that we would soon fall behind such countries as Germany, Finland and others that spent far more than our paltry 3 percent.

Oddly enough, he didn’t mention one fact that all these countries have in common: They have universal health care for all citizens and provide for the retired and elderly in a humane manner.

How can these socialists possibly foster an environment that encourages research and innovation and at the same time provide expensive “entitlements” for all without going bankrupt?

Taxes! That’s right, the Germans, Fins, et al. are able to compete in the world market and still pay for health care for all without running up massive federal debts by levying taxes on income, cars, furnishings, etc. Here in the U.S., we have chosen a different model: Keep the very rich happy, and the very rich will be... rich.