Letters to the Editor

Belief in progress

Let’s face it, “classy” and “politics” historically haven’t gone together in the same sentence. I was honored when The Tribune labeled me the “classiest candidate” in 2012. San Luis Obispo politics can represent something new, refreshing and tasteful. It’s what the people deserve.

Although not every councilmember always agrees with one another, and differences are inevitable, it is crucial for the city’s next councilmember to have a solid sense of common purpose and direction, to ensure that the current goals put together by the public and the city move forward.

Whether the task at hand is implementing strategies to address homelessness in our city, creating an environment to attract business, enhancing neighborhood wellness, sustaining essential services, controlling costs, or expanding bicycle paths and open space; sharing a vision will be crucial to accomplish these goals.

Interaction, reliability, respect and confidence are all attributes the next councilmember is going to need. These attributes will help build relationships between fellow councilmembers, city staff and the residents to promote success.

Having a belief in progress and a passion to work with colleagues will help ensure that the city delivers the services necessary to its residents, as well as provide a quality of life for citizens and visitors in this great city.