Letters to the Editor

Disrespectful name

As a former resident of Paso Robles, I was very upset to see the mascot and name of the North County Indian Baseball Club. As a Chumash/Tataviam tribal member, I find the mascot and name to be very offensive.

I have gone to most of the elementary schools in San Luis Obispo County to teach students the true history of the Chumash. And when I see such a disrespectful image, it makes me sad and angry.

The owners of this team would not want their ancestry disrespected. The African-American players would not play on a team with a 1930s cartoonish character on a team called the “Negros.” We know this is wrong.

I ask the owners to do the right thing. And please don’t use the rationale that the team has had that name for years. We did lots of things 30 years ago, 40 years ago that we do not do today. Think of all the changes we have made since the 1960s. And please do not say the team is named the Indians out of respect for Indian people. We are not that stupid.