Letters to the Editor

Poor judgment, KYNS

Bob Cuddy’s column regarding KYNS’s decision to drop Thom Hartman’s radio show has hit upon serious complications for the fairness doctrine.

For years, Republicans complained about the “Liberal Press.” They still complain, even though 92 percent of talk radio is owned by conservatives and large corporations. The airways used to be considered the property of the American people. One could not own an airway. Its use was subject to review and how well the station served the common good. If a station promoted too much time to just one point of view, it would have to allow the other party equal time.

Thom Hartman is an intelligent, knowledgeable show host who has a good sense of fairness. I’ve heard him many times patiently giving a caller time to express himself before giving an evidence-based reply. He is a prolific writer with a mind capable of storing incredible amounts of detail, hard facts and dates.

KYNS is showing very poor judgment and most certainly is not serving the common good.