Letters to the Editor

Switched to silence

Thanks to Bob Cuddy for his Feb. 16 report on the format change at KYNS. He expressed my sentiments precisely.

I always used to listen to KYNS when I was working in my yard or driving. I was disappointed one day to find on 1340 a program purporting to be a “news show without an agenda” in place of the intelligent and provocative talk of Thom Hartman. For the remaining minutes I wasted listening, there was a Fox News report and the announcement of an upcoming interview with someone from the American Enterprise Institute. So much for no agenda.

Thankfully, I was in my car so I could pick up “Fresh Air,” which now airs under the new KCBX format. Lamentably, the KCBX signal is not strong enough to make listening enjoyable at my home, so I now garden in silence.