Letters to the Editor

Nice place to live

My wife and I had the great fortune to move here 15 years ago and live in Sunrise Terrace Mobilehome Park, where we residents are the owners.

The entire park is the best planned mobile home development we had ever seen in our search before moving to the Central Coast. Thousands of tons were moved to create the terraces on the side of the hill facing the ocean. And much landscaping was done for the three-hole golf course in the lower area unsuitable for housing. Roberts Creek winds through it’s hilly acres and is paralleled by an asphalt path.

Throughout the course there are needled and leafy redwoods, pines, firs, oaks, willows, birches, liquidambars, palms, magnolias and other trees. Several varieties of bushes bearing red berries border the path.

A stroll through the golf course starts and makes my day. With the seasons, I may see robins, bluebirds, killdeer, black birds and other migrating birds. Every day I see or hear quail, towhees, phoebes, owls, turtle and mourning doves, hummingbirds, finches, titmouses, bushtits and other small birds that flit through the trees. And, of course, the crows and hawks, including kestrels, red-shoulder, swainson and the rare white kite.