Letters to the Editor

The new equality

Being male, I am somewhat relieved that one significant cause of mass shootings has been overlooked: All the perpetrators are men, usually young men! Women, though they suffer mental illness, own guns and commit suicide, do not randomly kill innocent individuals, including children, with assault weapons.

I always hoped that, collectively, women might eventually eliminate society’s outrages: the outrage that dangerous weapons are not treated by law at least as strictly as automobiles; the outrage that our youth “fall off a cliff” and lose mental health services when 18 years old; and the outrage that suicide rates are at all-time highs, even in the military.

Then again, women may rather be focusing their struggle on their rights, like the right to free contraceptives or the somewhat questionable right to engage in ground combat. That seems the new definition of equality — equality where women have the right to be equally outrageous as men.