Letters to the Editor

STEAM deck stacked

I would like to offer a possible explanation of why San Luis Coastal Unified School District Superintendent Eric Prater and the school board could consider closing Teach to be a good idea.

On Dec. 11, the board approved a proposal to move all sixth-graders from the “coastal” elementary schools over to the Los Osos Middle School. This was done in order to establish the first grade for a new Science, Technology, Engineering, Arts, and Math (STEAM) program. According to the proposal submitted, “the school will foster project and inquiry-based learning activities using the fundamentals of the arts, technology and engineering concepts. We believe that high expectations and high standards yield high performance.”

The proposal noted an estimated cost of $160,000 in the first year, and $125,000 in the next two years. Eventually, the program could expand into Morro Bay High School, as sixth-graders from years 2013 to 2014 become ninth-graders.

If Teach were to be closed, wouldn’t it make sense to strongly recommend to those parents of next year’s sixthgraders, who are already accelerated, motivated learners, to enroll their children in Los Osos Middle School’s STEAM program? How much more could you stack the deck, to give the program every chance for initial success?