Letters to the Editor

Elitist approach

Imagine this 2023 headline: “Private schools increase dramatically in 10 years.”

Currently, few parents here feel the need for private schools, because public education is strong. I believe Teach Elementary is a critical link in maintaining that quality.

Some of our regular elementary schools must focus on the important needs of students with problems; acceleration cannot be their focus. I appreciate that. But if bright, motivated students are not challenged, families like mine will seek alternatives.

While not wealthy, we place a high value on education. Had Teach not been available, my husband and I would have taken our child out of the public school system in a heartbeat. If you close Teach, children of those who can afford private schools will receive the acceleration now available at Teach; children who would benefit from acceleration but lack financial resources will not. And how many advanced placement classes will be offered after many high-performing students have left the system?

So the real elitist approach is closing Teach: the children who will receive acceleration will be those whose parents can afford to send them to private schools.