Letters to the Editor

Time to clean house

Is the Gibson/Aispuro love nest forgivable? Poor Supervisor Bruce Gibson has suffered so long recently about his amorous relationship with the woman he hired to be his assistant. It truly is an affair of the heart and had been going on for some time, says Mr. Gibson. But no big deal; they both gave 110 percent of themselves at work.

Shouldn’t they have given 200 percent, being as we pay her a top salary ($69,000) to be his “helper,” and that’s two 100 percents that some of us expected?

As the outrage dies a slow death by county counsel’s investigative inaction and articles by The Tribune and The New Times that ask us not to be prudish, I just wonder why President Bill Clinton faced impeachment over Monica Lewinski and Gen. David Petraeus stepped down because of his affair.

Is SLO County just more liberal, or does Mr. Gibson have more “agenda devotees” to protect and salvage him from this mess?

It’s time to clean house, SLO County.