Letters to the Editor

Emergency training

The job of firefighter and paramedic requires us to keep our skills sharp in countless different areas. On Jan. 12, Cambria Fire, Cambria Healthcare, and Cal Fire Station 10 conducted a multi-casualty incident drill. The scenario involved a collision between a school bus and two vehicles.

This training would not have been possible without the outpouring of support from our community. It is with endless gratitude that we would like to recognize the following for going above and beyond and making it possible for us to better serve our community:

Special thanks to Norm Smyth, CERT, Windsor Construction, Rick Skinner, Coast Unified School District, Carlos Mendoza, Cambria CSD, Keith Radecki, Sam Rivera, the Bramlette family, and especially Ron Adams and Cambria Tow, who continue to provide a myriad of vehicles for us to perfect our extrication skills.

It is an honor to serve Cambria, where the benevolence and support of our citizens creates a solid foundation for the emergency service workers. Hopefully in our career, none of us ever roll up on a smashed up school bus full of children.

However, if we are faced with this daunting task, we are that much more prepared.