Letters to the Editor

Patrol your kids’ schools

Parents! You feel horrified and helpless after what has happened in Newtown, Conn. But there is something you can and should do about it: A simple program of parent patrols at your child’s school.

Be the eyes and ears for your child and teachers before, during and after classes. Walk the school grounds and keep your eyes open. Report anything suspicious to school personnel. Parents take turns daily in shifts of two to four hours in length. No, you don’t pack a gun, but walkietalkies for quick communication would be a good idea.

Start now to work with your fellow parents and PTA to get it organized. If many parents participate, the burden will be light, and you will be doing something to help, not demanding someone that “they” do it for you.

You may have to take a day off work once in a while. But it will be worth it. I’m confident that any of those Newtown parents would agree, in painful hindsight. Start now, take charge, before this terrible event fades into memory and another one happens.