Letters to the Editor

Change the world

We Americans are hypocrites. We feed off violence; we have a bloodthirst that is insatiable, and there are whole industries that market to this. We call for gun control (which isn’t a bad idea, but is really treating the symptom) but spend our hard-earned bucks at the theater on the most violent movie possible and move up to the umpteenth level of video games by killing repeatedly.

Hollywood is not to blame, except for raising the bar. We are to blame. We feed the beast. We wonder why our children are desensitized to violence when we have seen realistic portrayal of brain splatter and call it entertainment.

Americans need to wake up and think about what is too much. Christmas is the time we recall the angels’ proclamation, “Peace on earth.” What are you doing to make peace possible here on earth? If we were to boycott violence for a month — imagined but yet realistic violence — it could change the world. Americans have a lot of power and influence. Use it.