Letters to the Editor

Some just don’t care

In Marilyn Moore’s Dec. 18 letter, she wrote, “declare all guns illegal except in the hands of sworn officers or the military. Hunters don’t need guns to kill — they can buy dinner at Vons.”

Marilyn, if you got your wish and that hunter was in line to turn in his deer rifle, would all the members of gangs be lining up behind him to turn in their weapons? I worked in the prison system for 25 years and met individuals that simply do not care about life — yours or theirs. Do you realize that the robbers, crooks, gang members, etc. are not going to surrender their guns?

I have children of my own, and when that madness took place in Newtown, I, like so many others, cried and asked, “Why?” Do I have the answer? I wish to God I did.