Letters to the Editor

Help from strangers

On a recent night, we were having an excellent dinner at the Sow’s Ear in Cambria. The restaurant was full. We were just finishing dinner when a member of our group passed out and was completely unresponsive. We had no idea how serious it was. I rushed to our waitress and instructed her to call 911.

Apparently the problem was noticed by others, because when I returned to the table, there was an EMT, nurse practitioner, and a cardiologist lowering my friend to the floor. Two of these good Samaritans were from out of the area.

These professionals could have justifiably said — “I am not on duty, why should I get involved?” But they did not. They interrupted their dinner and gave assistance. The staff and other patrons were very compassionate and supportive.

The ambulance and staff arrived and did an evaluation. It was decided that he should be taken to the hospital and prepared him for transport. The good news is my dear friend is doing fine.