Letters to the Editor

Take a hard look

I was raised in a gun culture, have eaten venison and also lost my mother to gun violence at an early age. The issue of gun violence is important to me, and I have given it much thought for many years. I appreciate that this issue is now being widely discussed. However, in response to a few things I have read, I have to say that comments like “Just arm the schools,” and “Hunters should just buy their meat in the supermarket,” are equally unhelpful.

These are not really the issues. A hard look at the many attempts at legislation blocked by the National Rifle Association is helpful. A hard look at corporate money in our political system is helpful. A hard look at the breakdown of our mental health care system is helpful. A hard look at the media violence that our children are routinely exposed to is helpful. All of us — responsible gun owners, teachers, the President, parents, legislators, insurance companies etc. — can let our heartbreak guide us and dig in to do the hard work. Now.