Letters to the Editor

Time for action

Once again, a horrendous gun related tragedy has occurred in our country. Perhaps this time, with 20 elementary school children murdered, a serious discussion about gun violence in America will begin.

As a retired police officer who owns a handgun, I support an adult’s right to own a gun. Nevertheless, I also think the time is long overdue for reasonable and rational restrictions on the types of weapons individuals can possess.

Let’s begin by restricting semi-automatic assault rifles and high-capacity magazines for semi-automatic handguns to military and law enforcement use. Those guns and magazines are designed for one thing — killing a lot of people in a matter of seconds. They have no legitimate hunting or sporting use. If someone wants to own a weapon for selfprotection, a shotgun or a handgun with a standard capacity magazine is more than adequate.

It is past time for our citizens, not the National Rifle Association, to control the conversation about gun violence and its devastating impact on life in America.