Letters to the Editor

The cost of guns

I think we should give our kids little semiautomatics when we send them to school. That way they can defend themselves, right? No. That’s kind of ridiculous isn’t it? Kids don’t have mature judgment. There are a lot of folks out there with guns who don’t have good judgment.

I have pistols and rifles and shotguns. I hunt. I have conflict about this gun thing, though.

If we as a people are going to have guns, we need to take responsibility for the societal cost. We protect our own, we get to feel power and security, we recreate, but guys — there are kids dying out there. Today. Now. I grieve for the kids and the families. These are not some faceless, unknown people. Trayvon could have been my teenager, hoodie and attitude and all. The elementary school kids that died might as well have been my own elementary school kids.

I am bitter though, too. All us hunters and farmers and self-defense folks and “cold dead fingers” types — we own this. We did this. The dead kids are the cost. We’ve got to do better by our people.