Letters to the Editor

Lunatic control

In the wake of the dreadful shooting in Newtown, I think some strong, strong steps need to be taken. I’m not talking about gun control — I’m thinking of lunatic control.

This is what I think might help. A panel of the best psychiatrists would be gathered together. They would gather every bit of information on every mass shooter from Virginia Tech to Newtown and look deeply into the minds and psychoses of these people. They would create a profile of their commonalities and distribute these to schools, workplaces, military bases — everywhere.

Ronald Reagan made one serious mistake during his presidency. He closed mental institutions. Obviously there are mentally ill people walking among us who should be institutionalized. Maybe it should be up to the states to create psychiatric boards to study people identified as potential killers.

As is said so often, it’s not the guns, it’s the shooters. I’m really believing this now.