Letters to the Editor

Real savings steps

The State of California continues to cut services and raise taxes, but how bad can the budget situation really be? In the past 10 years, the state has spent millions of taxpayer dollars to change the names of state agencies: The Department of Forestry, Department of Corrections, Fish and Game, and Mental Health.

Each of these changes requires new signage, badges, patches, letterhead, business cards and logos. The excuse is that “these names better meet our mission.” Who cares? The latest fiasco is the change over and back of the UC logo.

Look, Sacramento — it’s time to wake up and start taking real steps to save money. How many services could be maintained if we weren’t spending tens of millions of dollars on unnecessary name changes? And while we’re at it, why does the governor need his name on state letterhead? Just one more expense each time a new governor is elected.