Letters to the Editor

Don’t ban guns

We grieve with the people of Connecticut over the massacre of their beloved children. May God give them a degree of comfort and solace.

We wonder about the horrific hate that drives a person to slaughter children. We must look to sociologists, psychologists and spiritual leaders for insights relative to the prevention of such insanities in the future.

Unfortunately, many will eschew the real illness or sinful nature of the assailants and focus on “quick fixes.” The most obvious of these fixes is “ban guns,” clearly a study in futility as the malevolent will always obtain “assault weapons.”

Since these range from automobiles to knives and Molotov cocktails, there is a near infinity of weapons that can cause mass death and destruction to the public. As many valid studies have established, the increased availability of weapons to the public decreases violent crime. Armed citizens are, indeed, peacekeepers.

How much different would things have been if several of the school staff had CCWs (permits to carry concealed weapons) and were carrying a weapon? One well-placed shot would have provided a vastly different outcome to this situation. Police, no matter how well trained and promptly dispatched, will always be too late.