Letters to the Editor

No right to secede

Regarding the right of Texas to secede: Ken Marks (Letters, Dec. 11) chastises Fabrizio Griguoli for a faulty knowledge of American history and asserts “ in the agreement signed by the Texas territory as it entered the U.S. as a state, there is aspecific section that mutually grants Texas the right to secede from the Union.”

1. It should be noted that Texas was not a territory, but an independent republic.

2. The admission of Texas to the Union came by virtue of a joint resolution of the U.S. Congress on March 1, 1845. There is no “specific section in this document that grants the right of secession.” The document may be viewed at the website of the Avalon Project of the Yale School of Law.

3. Admission to the Union was subsequently approved by a 55-1 vote of the Congress of the Republic of Texas on July 4, 1845, and this also contains no mention of the right to secede. This document can be viewed at the website of the Texas State Library and Archives Commission.