Letters to the Editor

No majority rule

Tom Bauer misses an absolutely crucial point in his recent letter about Christmas and nonbelievers (“War on Christmas,” Dec. 14).

In the American democracy, the majority does not necessarily have the final say, contrary to what Mr. Bauer wrote. Our founders wisely chose to limit the power of the majority with the Bill of Rights, for instance, which restricts what the majority, through the government, may do.

Atheists don’t object to nativity scenes on private property, only when such scenes are on public property, because that means that government is endorsing one sect or religion. Government must favor no religion over any other, nor favor believers over nonbelievers.

It’s not being Scroogelike, as Mr. Bauer says, to insist that government be fair to everyone, which is all that atheists and nonbelievers are asking for. I hope we haven’t gotten to the point that asking one’s government to be fair is putting “a damper on a holiday.”