Letters to the Editor

Clear policy needed

This is not about whether or not Bruce Gibson should resign, although I would like his fellow supervisors to (finally) weigh in. However, it is insanity that our county does not have a very clearly worded policy covering workplace relationships. Corporations, large and small, have had them for years in order to protect themselves and their shareholders.

Since we are the “shareholders” of our county, it seems that we are getting worked over — although only financially. Ms. Aispuro has been transferred to another department that had no job openings. Gibson’s budget center is still covering her salary/fringes/etc. Sounds like a “position” was created for her.

Meanwhile, our supervisor is making do by picking up the slack himself or relying on other county employees to assist him. Either there are a bunch of county employees who haven’t had real full-time jobs (Gibson included), allowing them to fill in for his missing assistant, or we have a bunch of employees who aren’t now doing their real full-time jobs.

By the way, while it’s great that our county attorney has stated that Mr Gibson “did not expose the county to any significant legal liability,” maybe she left out “yet.”