Letters to the Editor

How to stop bullies

Holding anti-bullying classes for teenagers as well as parent groups, I’ve realized that we are focusing on the bully and not the solution.

Bullies have been around since medieval times and are not going away just because we have rallies at our schools or community events telling everyone that we need to stop the bullying.

When we call bullies mean, cold-hearted and responsible for destroying lives, are we being bullies to the bullies?

Nearly all of my students have been victims of some type of bullying, and most admit they themselves have done a little bullying. Bullies go after people who appear weak or have low self-esteem and rarely pursue students with high self-confidence. Bingo! Leave the bullies alone and work on our children’s self-esteem, and as their personal confidence grows, the bullying may just disappear.

To be clear, I’m not sugarcoating the damage and destruction that bullies do to individuals and families. Some bullies are simply harsh and need to be removed from our schools and punished for the pain they cause. Just saying, kids with a high level of self-confidence have the first line of defense against the madness of the bully — one dad’s opinion.