Letters to the Editor

Joe gets offer to move on

Joe Tarica in his mean-spirited op-ed piece (Joetopia, Dec. 9) against our discount stores in Atascadero, missed the mark. Mr. Tarica needs a lesson in economics.

The discount stores of which he bitterly complains have established themselves in Atascadero as well as other cities on the Central Coast because they have determined there is a need, and that if they provide a product the shopping public is desirous of purchasing, that business will stay in business.

Mr. Tarica, if you don’t like shopping in your hometown, perhaps you should consider the merits of shopping where you work: San Luis Obispo. Perhaps you may wish to relocate closer to your place of employment. I know that many volunteers, for which Atascadero is so well known, would be happy to assist you in your relocation efforts.

Yet, in the spirit of the season, I invite you to join me and others at the Chamber of Commerce ribboncutting ceremony for the opening of the 99-Cent Store in the Vons shopping center in Atascadero. I will be happy to point out the hundreds of thousands of dollars this store has spent in renovations and introduce you to their new employees who are happy to have jobs in these tough economic times.