Letters to the Editor

Careful with diagnoses

I almost feared getting The Tribune from my driveway today and after reading it am crying what a senseless tragedy.

We do, however, need to be careful when we start slinging around the words “Asperger’s” and “autism” — for these disorders are not what made the killer do this senseless act. There are many children in our country who are so diagnosed — and to put a stigma on them for what is not typical is doing them a great — unspeakable — disservice.

While I am not an authority on these disorders — all mental illness situations are shunned by those who either know nothing or too little about them — and instead of seeing them as illnesses that are as harsh (perhaps more so in a different way) than cancer or heart problems, diabetes or other problems, they are branded as outcasts.

Please remember that those who suffer from such afflictions need help — perhaps medication, certainly constant help in the form of therapy or whatever — there are many who are working hard on these disorders and it would be a terrible byproduct of this tragedy to condemn all who so suffer for the acts of one who did.