Letters to the Editor

War on Christmas

’Tis the season when atheist extremists declare war on Christmas, going to court to remove nativity scenes or whining about the proliferation of Christmas music they’re forced to listen to.

Whether nonbelievers like it or not, Christmas is a religious holiday celebrated by a majority of Americans. In a democracy, the majority deserves the final say. Why not enjoy the festive spirit just as a non-Hindu visitor to India might get caught up in the color of a religious festival there?

Even if some Christians can’t accept it, Christmas has also become a secular holiday. Most atheists and agnostics I know celebrate it, as do many non-Christian countries around the world. Why not? The idea of brotherhood and good will toward men isn’t confined to the religious community — it is universal.

As for the music, most traditional carols are good music that have stood the test of time. Enjoy them as such, just as millions of non-Christians love and are moved by the sacred music of Bach, Handel or Mozart.

It takes a real Scrooge to put a damper on a holiday that celebrates family and giving and brings such delight to children.