Letters to the Editor

Supervisor sellout

This letter is regarding the Dec. 6 story “Supervisors put off vote on growth rule,” in which Supervisor Adam Hill suggested the delay as a matter of “hard-boiled pragmatism.”

“Hard-boiled pragmatism”? “Sellout” is the term I would use. In 2009, Supervisors Hill, Bruce Gibson, Frank Mecham, Jim Patterson and Katcho Achadjian voted unanimously to amend the cluster ordinance and end one of the land use abuses that propelled Mr. Hill into office . Four years later, the supervisors seem to have forgotten the hundreds of their constituents from all over the county who contributed tens of thousands of dollars to overturn the Santa Margarita Ranch Ag Cluster. This time around, not one supervisor stood with those constituents.

I hope supporters of “Right the Wrong” on Santa Margarita Ranch remember this when candidates are making their election promises. In the popular lexicon: “Who loves ya, baby?”