Letters to the Editor

Educated guess

On Nov. 27, The Tribune published my letter about the secession of Texas.

On Dec. 11, I was amused to read a rebuttal to my letter from a Mr. Ken Marks of Atascadero.

First, he wants to give me a lesson in history and misses the point about me wanting to give him a lesson in democracy and free speech.

Next, he is hinting to the fact that the Obama administration is acting “illegally.” I suppose Mr. Marks has selective amnesia about both the Richard Nixon and George W. Bush administrations.

Finally, he is attacking illegal immigrants, alleging that they are sucking the life out of the country. It would be interesting to quantify how much illegal immigrants are sucking out of the nation and compare that to what they are contributing to the nation.

I consider myself a well informed and politically aware citizen of this nation, and as I carefully read Mr. Marks letter, I can guess with a reasonable degree of certainty his political affiliation, ideology and source of daily news.