Letters to the Editor


The inane letter written by Floyd Lewelling and Don Jose De La Guerra lacks authenticity. I was born on the beach and lived within a few blocks of the beach for most of my life. I never had bronchitis until I moved to the Nipomo Mesa. Some bouts were so severe that they required medical intervention.

It has been proven that the dust from the Oceano Dunes State Vehicle Recreational Area blows onto the Mesa. I invite you on a windy (onshore) day to go to the end of the Pismo Beach pier and look south. See that big dust cloud. It is coming only from the ODSVRA, not from any other area. It is heading directly toward the Mesa. The vehicles running all over the dunes not only break down the natural crust of the dunes, but pulverize the sand into smaller particles that more easily go airborne.

We Mesa residents are hardly NIMBYs. Our health is actually being affected by the dunes dust. One should also consider all the injuries and deaths that occur at the ODSVRA. Combine these with all the other pollution there, and maybe it is time to stop riding on the dunes.