Letters to the Editor

Teacher credentials

The Dec. 7 California Watch article, “State to consider limits on using under-prepared teachers in schools,” reveals a giant amount of ignorance regarding “credentialed” teachers.

There is nothing in credentialing that addresses either the overall knowledge of the teacher or their readiness and ability to teach.

All a credential shows is that the teacher has gone through an indoctrination course on current teaching fads, leftist ideology and the goals that a “modern socialist” educator should adopt. Nothing about subject knowledge, teaching skills or expertise is addressed.

Studies have shown there is no advantage of credentialed teachers over non-credentialed teachers. Some states and many mid-and high-level institutions of learning do not want nor value “certified” teachers. The “credential” process is about quality only when it is concerning the control of the content and presentation of information taught.

Removing the participation of retired and experienced “noneducational” professionals from the educational system and replacing them with fresh liberal arts graduates does increase control over content — but at the expense of passing on knowledge, experience and expertise to our children.

Criteria for hiring a teacher should be subject knowledge and ability and desire to teach, not “certification.”