Letters to the Editor

Huge-hearted friends

Once again, our local community gave generously to ensure that Central Coast Funds for Children’s 21st Annual Soup Supper on Sept. 16 was a successful event. Being an election year, our theme was CCFC Votes 4 Children. The red, white and blue made for a cheerful setting for our friends, who gathered to enjoy an afternoon of soup, salad, fun and conversation.

It would not have been possible without the generous donations from our local wineries, grocery stores, businesses and so many individuals. The group’s effort raised more than $14,000.

Central Coast Funds for Children is a nonprofit group of 30 ladies dedicated to raising money to grant to organizations whose only priority is helping our county’s children. This is a big thank-you to our small-town friends with huge hearts, who donated so generously. For more information, please visit www.centralcoastfundsforchildren.org.