Letters to the Editor

A long, hard slog

Regarding John Braun’s Dec. 4 letter, in which he talks about the failing policies of the Democrats, and soon, vindication for the Republicans!

John, you are disillusioned. The guy I wanted did win, but there’s little joy here. It’s a bit like choosing clothing for a scorching daylong trek across desert wastes. We have a long, hard, vital slog ahead of us, and partisan politics are a pale and frustrating diversion. As we joust with each other over political dominance, other nations are developing strategies and systems needed for a rapidly changing world — required technologies we will be obligated to buy from them.

If the U.S. stands a chance, it will come by getting the money out of politics, and having the true cost of all our commodities and practices reflected in their price. We must make our education systems a matter of national security, which they truly are, and dial back our cancerous military expenditures which, on balance, do little for our security.

These are just for starters. We can, as a nation, turn this situation around, and having proven our ability to do that does not assure that we will. I’m afraid we will continue to amuse ourselves with our own brand of political theater as our nation, and the world, slips into a painful and increasingly difficult decline.