Letters to the Editor

Election was a mandate

Both major campaigns and candidates agreed that this election was about a clear choice. So what are Republican congressmen whining about? That Obama won’t let them have their way?

Don’t they get it? Hopefully, Obama will continue to stick to his principles and fight for what the voters elected him to do: what he clearly told them he would and would not do.

Americans have shown that they agree that the super-rich should pay more in taxes. Even many rich people agree.

At a certain level of income, the rate should at least match or exceed what the working class pays, no matter what the source of their income. It’s only fair. And it turns out to significantly address the deficit.

Spending cuts mean cuts in jobs, exactly the wrong direction to go while recovering from this Great Recession. Jobs are key in this recovery. And yes, government does create jobs — millions of them. Jobs that are often of high social value to our communities and our nation. So tell Congress to heed the message of this recent election: The Obama plan reforms tax rates while addressing the deficit.